New tables

I’m excited to announce that I’ve purchased some new tables in the last week. The first table is a flat bench. This table works well for simple passive therapies (ice, heat, electric stim). I didn’t intend on purchasing one now as I haven’t even received my stim unit yet, but when buying the other table, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. The other table is an Activator Hi-low table. This table is especially good for using the Activator Methods system of adjusting. I don’t use it on many patients, but it’s very helpful for those who don’t want to be “twisted” or “popped.” Additionally, the table is very helpful for elderly or acute patients, who have a difficult time climbing on/off an adjusting table. It needs some cosmetic work to get it up to par, but overall is generally in good condition. The hi-low function works by having the patient stand on a platform, while the table is then lowered down, and the platform then automatically lowers after the table is fully horizontal. I’m very happy with the purchases so far!20130131_182819_resized 20130131_182812_resized

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