The importance of a good diet

Do you remember the scene from “Back to the Future III” when Doc and Marty realize that they can’t get fuel for their vehicle to get to 88mph in order to activate the flex-capacitor and return to 1985? They couldn’t access gasoline, so they tried to pour some liquor in the engine and blew the carburetor. This scene was funny, but it also demonstrates a great lesson in what happens when you put the wrong type of fuel in a machine. The machine doesn’t effectively operate with the capacity of how it could function with proper fuel.

Our bodies are very similar. They are made to run on fuel with nutrients and proper energy content to allow for an efficiently operating system. When the fuel is not appropriate, the body can’t operate the way it should. A person experiences extreme energy surges and crashes, feels groggy, doesn’t heal properly, and certainly doesn’t maintain the physical figure of what a human should resemble. Keep in mind, the biggest correlation with life expectancy is actually waist size. The larger the waist, the shorter the life-span. It’s a greater correlation than smoking!

Many people nowadays have turned eating into satisfying sugary cravings, rather than refueling. What is really frustrating is that people don’t realize that that eating healthy can also be delicious. I remember after doing a 3 week cleanse last year, making the decision to eat buffalo wings. It literally felt like there was poison in my body after eating healthy for 3 weeks. I had indigestion issues for almost an entire day. It really showed how the body responds to those “everyday” junk foods, after it’s been operating efficiently.

Now there are a great number of nutrients shown in some dairy and enriched-bread food labels. However, with those nutrients comes a great deal of inflammation and irritation to the digestive track. There is a vast amount of research supporting this, so go ahead and read up on it a little more yourself if you don’t believe me. The key is to find foods that have a great nutritional content and anti-inflammatory properties. This can be found in a diet of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and lean meats. It may sound boring, but it certainly doesn’t have to be!

Check out this site for some delicious recipes.

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